Direct To Metal (DTM) term identifies families of enamels that combine the adhesion and protection characteristics of the substrate, typical of a primer, with the aesthetics, color and brilliance of a topcoat. Present on the market since some years, these products have great success and are now widely used in many sectors.

Applicable on many both metal and plastic substrates, up to glass, they are also distinguished by their versatility and ease of use. In production processes they are economically advantageous, considering that with a single application the substrate is complete with sealer and topcoat. They can be monocomponent or bicomponent, depending on the final use and the desired resistance to atmospheric agents.




Technofinish: Alkydic DTM

F315 identifies a series of fast drying monocomponent alkyd single coat products. These products stand out for their ease of use and versatility even for non-professional users.

They are formulated with quality physically drying resins, do not require hardeners and are easily applicable after adequate dilution, depending on the application method (spray, roller or brush). They are enriched with passivating pigments, act as a rust inhibitor with direct adhesion on carbon steel, maintaining a pleasant and bright appearance over time and good resistance to atmospheric agents.

  • Product code: F315SP – Technofinish semi gloss 60 gloss
  • Product code: F315EX – Technofinish semi matt 30 gloss
  • Final use destination: Agricultural machinery, railings, gates, gazebos, garden furniture, light carpentry

Finished product

  • Available colours: NCS, RAL, Industrial Vehicles, Colorsystem
  • Available packaging: 5 – 25 Kg


  • Pigmentation ratio: 80/20
  • Available packaging: 4,50 / 22,50 Kg



Techno 2K: Acrylic DTM

In the DTM product sector, the acrylic family is by far the most used, thanks to the countless intended uses, versatility and technical and aesthetic performances. Formulated with pure quality resins and passivating pigments, to ensure protection from corrosion, they can be applied to carbon steel, galvanized steel, aluminum and its alloys, various plastic materials and glass.

The use of pure aliphatic hardeners guarantees maximum mechanical performance and considerable resistance to atmospheric agents, with the possibility of achieving different technical and application characteristics by appropriately choosing the most suitable hardener present in the Polistuc Metal range.

These products can be applied by spray, roller or brush, are easy to use and can be easily maintained over time, to ensure continuous protection of the substrate.

  • Product code: F503FF – Techno 2K 10-20 gloss
  • Product code: F303FF – Techno 2K 40-60 gloss
  • Product code: F403FF – Techno 2K 70-80 gloss
  • Product code: F303DDX – Techno 2k DDX – 30 gloss – Antiscratch version, with higher surface hardness
  • Final use destination: Light and heavy carpentry, industrial bodywork, agricultural machinery and earthmoving, metal furniture accessories

Finished product

  • Available colours: NCS, RAL, Industrial Vehicles, Colorsystem
  • Available packaging: 5 – 25 Kg


  • Pigmentation ratio F503FF: 80/20
  • Available packaging: 4 / 20 Kg
  • Pigmentation ratio F303FF: 70/30
  • Available packaging: 3,5 / 17,5 Kg
  • Pigmentation ratio F403FF: 75/25
  • Available packaging: 3 / 15 Kg
  • Pigmentation ratio F303DDX: 70/30
  • Available packaging: 3,5 / 17,5 Kg

Epotech: Epoxy DTM

F430FF identifies a series of DTM that stand out for their epoxy nature, which guarantees perfect adhesion and protection of the substrate. F430FF allows to apply even high thicknesses by roller, spray and brush, in order to make the coatings extremely hard, tough and particularly resistant chemically and physically. The barrier effect and the presence of passivating pigments guarantee maximum corrosion protection with excellent surface hardness and good aesthetic appearance. It is not recommended to use it outdoor.

  • Product code: F430FF – Epotech FF – Semi-gloss 70 gloss
  • Final use destination: Agricultural machinery, earthmoving, light carpentry made of carbon steel

Finished product

  • Available colours: NCS, RAL, Industrial Vehicles, Colorsystem
  • Available packaging: 20 kg


  • Pigmentation ratio: 85/15
  • Available packaging: 4 / 21,25 Kg

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