Epotech 2K: Epoxy primers

F330PC is a converter suitable for the preparation of general purpose epoxypolyamide primers. The primers obtained after mandatory pigmentation with FBU pastes, in the ratio indicated below, are suitable for spray, roller or brush applications on carbon steel, galvanized steel, aluminum or other adequately prepared substrates. This series of products has excellent adhesion characteristics and protection of the substrate from corrosion, thanks to the barrier effect and the presence of passivating pigments. Easy to use, the coatings obtained ensure filling, elasticity and high thicknesses can be obtained even in a single coat, thanks to the high solid content in volume. Overcoatable from 4 to 48 hours without sanding. Do not expose directly to sunlight.

  • Product code: F330PC – Epotech 2K
  • Pigmentation ratio: 85/15
  • Destination of use: Light and heavy carpentry, anticorrosion
  • Available packaging: 4,25 / 21,20 Kg