Nitrotech: Nitro enamels

F436 identifies a family of converters for the formulation of very fast drying nitro enamels. The enamels obtained, after mandatory pigmentation with FBU pastes in the ratio indicated below, can be applied on monocomponent primers and guarantee a good aesthetic appearance and brilliance. They are the ideal solution for simple restoration or aesthetic maintenance works. They stand out in the 1k product range for their very fast drying times.
They are products that can be used by spray, roller or brush, after correct dilution with nitro thinner DL001.

  • Product code: F436SP – Nitrotech 60-70 gloss
  • Product code: F436OP – Nitrotech 10-15 gloss
  • Pigmentation ratio: 85/15
  • Destination of use: Small parts, railings, gates, gazebos, garden furniture
  • Available gloss levels: 4,25 / 21,25 Kg