PLANT includes three series of waterborne topcoats for interior. WOPI310G is a series of monocomponent waterborne topcoats for general use. The optional use of the WCA3IO hardener results in an improvement in the chemical-physical performances of the dried film. It is recommended for doors and furniture. It exhibits good scratch resistance, good chemical resistances and optimal wetting properties. WOPB310G is a series of high quality bicomponent white pigmented waterborne topcoats for general use. This product is suitable for finishing wooden elements and accessories, including doors and furniture. It has good coverage, good hardness development, high surface levelling, good chemical resistances and long pot life. WGPB310G is a series of high quality white pigmented fine textured bicomponent topcoats for general use. The product has a delicate roughness, an optimal surface homogeneity and good chemical resistances. It is recommended for flat parts and kitchen furniture.

  • Product code: WOPI310G seriesMatt white WB topcoats
  • Product code: WOPB310G seriesMatt white WB 2K topcoats
  • Product code: WGPB310G seriesTextured white WB 2K topcoats
  • Application method: Spray
  • Final use destination: Kitchens, furniture, furnishing accessories, doors, flat parts in general, profiles
  • Bulk renewable resources percentage: 70% (WOPI310G series), 57% (WOPB310G series) and 60% (WGPB310G series)

Finished product

  • Available shades: White
  • Available packaging: 5 and 25 kg
  • Available gloss levels: 30 gloss (WOPI310G serie), 20 and 30 gloss (WOPB310G series) and 10 gloss (WGPB310G series)
  • Peculiar features: Specific for highly performing and resistant sustainable coating systems for interior, they form a uniform paint film that is smooth to the touch. Optimal resistances to UV radiation, scratch and abrasion. Being formulated with renewable raw materials, the environmental impact in terms of CO2 emitted during the life cycle is significantly lower than traditional self sealers.