Polistuc Plant was born from the recovery of processing waste from the agri-food industry, a set of coating systems made up of sustainable products that Polistuc proposes for the coating of wood. The high quality level and production efficiency, always respecting the environment that surrounds us, have led Polistuc’s Research and Development to study a wide range of waterborne products that guarantees to furniture, windows and doors, excellent aesthetic qualities and mechanical performances. Research work is the basis of the formulation of Polistuc Plant coatings: the use of resins obtained from renewable resources traces the path of sustainable development, helping to reduce the use of fossil resources and the emission of greenhouse gases of its production processes.

Polistuc Plant systems allow to coat furniture, furnishing accessories, kitchens and interior doors. Interior systems include the application of one or two coats of clear or pigmented sealer, and one coat of clear or pigmented topcoat. Alternatively, it is possible to apply two or three coats of a clear self sealer, choosing between a general use version and one mainly designed for flooring.