The effective and efficient protection of wooden surfaces placed outdoor is a crucial aspect in the study and formulation of exterior coatings. The correct choice of performing additives and elastic resins, with high resistance to mechanical and oxidative stresses due to atmospheric agents, determines the lasting of the application system. Indeed, by varying the components or modifying their quantities, it is possible to shape the technical and aesthetic characteristics of a paint, extending its lasting outside. PoliWood EXT identifies two solventborne acrylic systems for exterior intended for the painting of any wood essence. Essences included are exotic woods, woods rich in tannin or extractives, okuméplywood and finger joints. These systems are characterized by high transparency, resistance to solar radiation, versatility and ease of application, good water repellency and levelling. It contrasts the formation of fungi and molds, because the coating film is breathable.

PoliWood EXT systems allow to coat windows and doors, canopies, facades, gazebos, pompeianas and garden furniture in general. The systems include the application of an appropriate colored (clear systems) or colorless (pigmented systems) insulating agent, a clear or pigmented sealer, and one or two coats of clear or pigmented topcoat. Depending on the coated essence and the composition of the application system considered, it is possible to reach different lasting of the product, it being understood that a correct and routine maintenance of the coated surface must be performed.