Techno 2k: Converters for acrylic enamels

The Techno 2K converters series includes two aesthetic solutions, particularly appreciated on the market: the smooth effect, F401, and the textured effect, F402BC. The enamels obtained, after mandatory pigmentation with FBU pastes in the ratio indicated below, are formulated with acrylic resins to be cross-linked with isocyanic hardeners. These enamels have characteristics of high light fastness, adhesion to the substrate, elasticity and durability in outdoor conditions. They are easy to use and fast drying, with the possibility of modifying the final characteristics depending on the type of hardener used. They can be applied by spray, roller or brush on acrylic or epoxy anticorrosion primers, they give a good aesthetic appearance, providing for the formation of coatings with high protection properties and surface resistances.

  • Product code: F401 – Techno 2k converter
  • Product code: F402BC – Techno 2k orange peel effect enamels
  • Pigmentation ratio F401: 75/25
  • Pigmentation ratio F402BC: 80/20
  • Destination of use: Agricultural machinery, light carpentry, railings, gates, gazebos, garden funriture
  • Available packaging F400SP: 3,75 / 18,75 Kg
  • Available packaging F402BC: 4 / 20 Kg