Techno 2K: Acrylic primers

The family of converters for acrylic primers is suitable for the formulation of bicomponent primers, which include particular resins that make them ideal and versatile to be used as primers on any type of substrate, from carbon steel, to galvanized steel, to aluminum, to plastic. Two different versions are available, a standard one, suitable for carpentry in general, and a more sandable one, suitable for the industrial bodywork sector, as an excellent aesthetic appearance of the finished product is required. Both must necessarily be tinted with FBU pastes, in the ratio indicated below. The primers thus obtained can be applied by spray, roller or brush and they can be overcoated with polyurethane or acrylic enamels. Polistuc Metal acrylic primers can be catalyzed with different hardeners based on drying speed and cost requirements.

  • Product code: F302PC – Techno 2K standard version
  • Product code: F302CC – Techno 2K sandable version
  • Pigmentation ratio: 80/20
  • Destination of use: Agricultural and earthmoving machinery, industrial bodywork, furnishing accessories
  • Available packaging: 4 / 20 Kg