Technofinish: DTM alkyd converters

Alkyd DTMs stand out for their ease of use and versatility even for non-professional uses. The F315 series is formulated with quality, physically drying resins, does not require hardeners and it is easily applicable after simple dilution, depending on the application method. Enriched with passivating pigments, it acts as an anti-rust with direct adhesion to iron, maintaining a pleasant and shiny appearance over time with good resistance to outdoor conditions. It is applicable by spray, roller or brush.

  • Product code: F315SP – Technofinish converter – 50 – 60 gloss
  • Product code: F315EX – Technofinish converter – 30 gloss
  • Pigmentation ratio: 80/20
  • Destination of use: Agricultural machinery, earthmoving, light carpentry made of carbon steel
  • Available packaging: 4,50 / 22,50Kg