TECHsolv includes two series of matt acrylic topcoats specific for the coating of wooden structures and substrates destined outdoor. OTA7740G is a series of clear topcoats with excellent resistance to solar radiation, excellent gloss retention, good grain marking, smoothness to the touch, scratch resistance and water repellency properties. The high transparency makes these topcoats suitable for enrich the coated wood essence, keeping its distinctive characters clearly evident. OPBA7710G is a series of white topcoats also endowed with good smoothness to the touch, scratch resistance, excellent light fastness and atmospheric agents resistance. The good chromatic coverage allows to achieve a uniform surface.

  • Product code: OTA7740G – Matt clear acrylic topcoats
  • Product code: OPBA7710G – Matt white acrylic topcoats
  • Application method: Spray
  • Final use destination: Windows, doors, shutters, entrance doors, garden furniture, facades, canopies, gazebos and pompeianas

Finished product

  • Available colours: Clear and white
  • Available packaging: 5 and 25 kg
  • Available gloss levels: 20 gloss
  • Peculiar features: The versatility of these topcoats allows to coat any wood essence, be it exotic, therefore rich in extractives, be it traditional, even rich in tannin. High resistance to solar radiation, gloss retention over time and water repellency are the main characteristics that distinguish them.


  • Product code: OTA7740G – Matt acrylic topcoats
  • Available shades: Clear
  • Available packaging: 5 and 25 kg
  • Available gloss levels: 20 gloss
  • Peculiar features: It can be tinted with the universal pastes of the Colour Passion tinting system, to match customized colors. Pastel colors can be matched by adding the same pastes to the white base OPBA7710G.