CC0100 series includes mixture of colorants suitable for the tinting of clear coatings. This addition allows to change the color tone during the application of the primer or the last coat of topcoat. We recommend a percentage of use not exceeding 1%, higher additions could give an excessively hiding and “plasticized” appearance. To give liveliness to the desired color, the CC0100 series can be mixed with the CCU200 series.

  • Product code: CC0100 series – Transparent stains for sealers and topcoats
  • Application method: Spray and curtain coater
  • Final use destination: Kitchens, furniture and furnishing accessories, flooring and staircases, chairs, tables and flat parts in general, coffins and profiles

Finished product

  • Available shades: Dark walnut, black, yellow, red, orange, green and blue
  • Available packaging: 1 and 10 l
  • Light fastness: The use of these colorants gives good light fastness. The use in mixture with CCU200 allows to improve the light fastness of the CC0100 series stains.