Glass products

The first glass windows date back to the Roman period and were intended for the noble classes. Since that historical period, the glass manufacturing technology evolved considerably and it was possible not only to use this material in very different sectors, but also to paint it to give it greater character and integrate it perfectly into any type of furniture style and home environment, from Vintage to Modern. It is a versatile material that finds its natural placement in doors, tables, furnishing accessories in general. The play of colors and transparencies allows to provide the right personality to these elements. Polistuc waterborne glass coatings are distinguished by their reduced emission of organic solvents and the absence of heavy metals. Mono and bicomponent products, also in textured version, applicable both by spray and roller / curtain coater, capable of drying at room temperature or in preheated ovens. The R&D Dept. has also successfully formulated a melamine version capable of drying at very high temperatures, to achieve unbeatable surface hardness and adhesion.



Polistuc glass