Special products

Polistuc Metal offers a series of additional products for alternative uses than metal painting. These products are used in alternative sectors, thus completing the brand’s offer.

  • Protective coatings are coatings suitable for the protection of spray booths or for the temporary protection of surfaces. Once drying is completed, the film can be removed very easily. In addition to the clear version, colour customization is possible.
  • Urbanovatraffic island paints are suitable for delimiting more or less large areas of the roadsurface. It creates a film with excellent coverage, resistance to rolling passage and atmospheric agents. They are only suitable for private use.
  • Finally, Sport Paint waterborne coating for natural or synthetic turf is suitable for tracing lines or areas necessary on various types of sports fields. The nature based on water-dilutable resins and the use of suitable pigments does not damage the grass and guarantees good resistance to atmospheric agents.