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All our experience supporting the customer

Customer First.

Polistuchas always been careful to customer satisfaction, in addition to offering technically performing and quality products for the coating of wood, plastic, glass and metals, every day it strives to improve customer services. Polistuc offers sales and after-sales services, technical trainingservices and technical assistance.

Present throughout the national territory, Polistuc is able to guarantee a widespread and timely service throughout Italy, offering customers a timely supply of all standard or customized products on a daily basis. At an international level, however, Polistuc is present in more than 80 countries around the world, with professional distribution structures and technical and commercial staff trained and prepared to deal with any request coming from the market.

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Trained to compete.

Polistuc periodically organizes internal training courses dedicated to its collaborators, sales network and technicians. Academy and Campus are business schools, which provide know-how, values and strategies for the professional growth of technicians, sellers and applicators. Corporate courses can act as a bridge between acquiring internal skills and extending know-how to customers, resellers or distributors.

This practice not only strengthens internal staff, but also creates a closer bond with externals, improving understanding of the products and services offered. It is a strategic investment that fosters both internal and external growth, promoting a culture of continuous learning and consolidating the company’s competitive position in the market.


Technical Assistance.

Polistuc is constantly committed to offering its customers an efficient and professional service, always orienting itself towards internationalization. The possibility of building a relationship with the customer has always been the prerogative of our brand. We are ready to offer, before, during and after the purchase operations, technical and commercial assistances, clarifications and information relating to the products in our range, all aimed at loyalty and increasing customer satisfaction.


Research & Development.

Research and Development constitute the beating heart of a company. At Polistuc, a team of highly qualified professionals analyzes market needs and remains constantly updated on the latest innovations in the raw materials sector. This commitment allows to offer cutting-edge technical solutions, capable of fully satisfying the growing demands of the end customer. Thanks to a fully equipped laboratory, each formulation or coating system is carefully characterized and tested to ensure optimal performances and precise intended use.