Polistuc Wood: Wood coatings specific for indoor or outdoor furniture, doors, windows and wooden structures

Sealers, topcoats, impregnating agents and stains for wood

The Polistuc Wood proposal is divided into multiple directions: from industry(furniture and accessories, doors, panels, profiles, kitchens, flooring, coffins, chairs, windows and doors, decking and outdoor structures), to professional retail.

In the Polistuc Wood offer, customers can choose between a wide choice of Stains, Basecoats, Topcoats and Self sealers, waterborne or solventborne (comparable to each other from a performance point of view), suitable for various environments and surfaces: furniture, floors, decking, doors, windows and wooden structures.

Products categories


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Waterborne wood coatings

Waterborne wood coatings have the same technical and aesthetic performances as solventborne products, while guaranteeing a lower level of VOC emissions into the atmosphere. Polistuc developed high-performances waterborne products for both interior and exterior:

Coatings for interior color and protect against wear and tear over time, adhere perfectly, do not flake and enhance the natural grain of the wood. Coatings for exterior, specific for structures and substrates placed outdoor, protect wood from rain, wind, hail, snow, excessive humidity and UV rays.


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Solventborne wood coatings

Clear or pigmented coatings, high gloss or matt topcoats for the protection of any type of wood essence. They protect the wooden substrate from daily wear and tear and from the action of atmospheric agents. They are easy to apply and adaptable to any coating process, manual or automated.

Polistuc produces coatings suitable for internal and external environments, they are products of different nature (nitro, polyester, polyurethane, acrylic, UV), with high technical and aesthetic performances and they are able to enhance and protect the wood essence.