Metal primers

Primers are products suitable for the preliminary treatment of the metal surface and perform the dual task of effectively protecting the substrate from corrosion and allowing adequate adhesion of the entire coating system, correcting the slight imperfections that may be found on the raw surface, making it uniform and allowing thus the finishing enamel guarantees an optimal aesthetic result. They can be applied by spray, roller or brush directly on the substrate to be coated. Mono or bicomponent primers are available, the use of a hardener combined with the chosen product determines better technical-applicative characteristics than the monocomponent version.

In order to achieve the best result from the application of the primers, Polistuc Metal suggests paying particular attention to the preparation phase of the substrate, in accordance with the indications provided by the international standard UNI EN ISO 12944. Among the most common are sandblasting, mechanical roughening, pickling.

In the list of our products, there are both finished products and converters for the COLOR PASSION system

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