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Metal coatings applications

Polistuc products live in the everyday world: in homes, structures, agriculture and industry.

Thanks to the innovations of the research and development laboratories, all our products and solutions are formulated with materials that protect the environment and are developed to reduce energy consumption.


Where and how applying Polistuc Metal products

Furnishing accessories and objects that complete and give personality to the home environment, office or other living spaces. All the news related to classic, modern and design styles.

The structural and completion elements of the housing unit. Protective and anticorrosion coatings that provide at the same time a hi-tech and original look.

The complex metal structures necessary to support the weight of buildings or structural parts of a home such as internal and external stairs. Paints resistant to thermal shocks and anti-corrosion, suitable for protecting the metal from atmospheric agents and wear over time.

The realization of building elements, such as gates, fences, railings, windows, canopies and parapets. Aesthetically and technically performing paints, which complete and characterize the home environment, giving harmony to the interior and exterior furnishings.

Industrial machinery used to carry out all operations that require earthmoving. Paints resistant to mechanical stress and abrasion, with a notable aesthetic appearance, protect the machine from the daily action of atmospheric agents.

Agricultural machinery suitable for the most varied processes. Valuable coatings that enrich the machinery, guaranteeing high technical and aesthetic performances, resistance to mechanical wear and to atmospheric agents.

Anticorrosion is a key feature for metal paints. They must protect it effectively and efficiently, to avoid its slow and inexorable deterioration due to the incessant action of humidity and atmospheric agents. Anticorrosion paints, suitable for all the requests of professionals, industries and crafts.

Industrial floors are subjected to wear on a daily basis due to overwalking and the passage of vehicles on wheels, as well as potential contact with aggressive substances. Mechanically and chemically resistant products, to make the floor always impeccable.