Polimax: Polyacrylic enamels

Polimax identifies a series of crosslinked polyacrylic enamels with pure aliphatic hardeners. They are enamels suitable for high quality industrial painting where high aesthetic standards are required. Equipped with excellent resistance to atmospheric agents, this series of enamels stands out for their versatility of use. Applied on primers or intermediates, they create a finish with a full and brilliant appearance with excellent levelling, brughtness, aesthetic appearance and light fastness.

  • Product code: F427SP – Polimax high gloss IND 2K (95-98 gloss) – Unlimited maintennace standard version
  • Product code: F527SP – Polimax high gloss 2K (95 gloss) – Version for industrial bodywork
  • Product code: F527XP – Polimax XP 2K high gloss (98%) – Top version for industrial bodywork, excellent flow, brilliance, gloss retention, surface hardness
  • Final use destination: Industrial bodywork, agricultural machinery and earthmoving

Finished product

  • Available colours: NCS, RAL, Industrial Vehicles, Colorsystem
  • Available packaging: 5 – 25 Kg


  • Pigmentation ratio: 65/35
  • Available packaging: 3,25 – 16,25 Kg