Polistuc Metal: Metal paints specific for industry and professional retail

Primers, Enamels, DTMs and Specialties

Polistuc Metal proposal is structured in multiple directions: from industry (furnishing accessories, gates and gazebos, light carpentry, heavy carpentry, earthmoving machinery, agricultural machinery, anticorrosion, industrial flooring) and professional retail, being proud of a substantial series of certified systems compliant to international standard UNI EN ISO 12944.

In Polistuc Metal proposal, customers can orient considering a wide choice of PRIMERS, ENAMELS, DTM and SPECIAL PRODUCTS, waterborne or solventborne. These products are divided into FINISHED PRODUCTS and CONVERTERS (customizable with the Colour Passion tinting system, a brand dedicated to colorimetry for the formulation and production of pigmented paints), suitable for various substrates: from iron to steel, from aluminum to plastic.


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Metal sealers

Primers, or sealers, are products suitable for the preliminary treatment of the metal surface and perform the dual task of effectively protecting the substrate from corrosion and allowing adequate adhesion of the entire painting system.

Two types of primers can be distinguished, waterborne, wuth a recognised low environmental impact and solventborne with a better drying time.


Carpenteria leggera
Metal topcoats

Enamels are pigmented topcoats applied as last coat to provide to coated substrate an optimal aesthetical aspect and protection to corrosion and atmospheric agents.

Enamels are products dedicated to light and heavy carpentry, agricultural and earthmoving machinery and bodywork, suitable for both industrial and handmade applications.


Metal DTM

Direct To Metal (DTM) term identifies a self sealers families, which combine the adhesion and protection characteristics of the substrate, typical of a primer, with the aesthetics, color and brilliance of a finish enamel.

Present on the market since some years, these products have a great success and are now widely used in many sectors, thanks to their versatilty and ease of use.


Sport, Urban and more

Polistuc Metal offers a series of additional products for alternative uses than metal painting. These products are used in alternative sectors, thus completing the brand’s offer.

  • Peelable paints are coatings suitable for the protection of paint booths or the temporary protection of surfaces.
  • Urbanova paints are suitable for delimiting more or less large areas of asphalt.
  • Sport Paint waterborne paints for natural or synthetic lawn, suitable for marking various types of sports fields.


UNI EN ISO 12944:2018

Polistuc Metal, confirming the high technological and qualitative standard of its painting systems, boasts approval certificates for its painting systems according to the EN ISO 12944:2018 standard, which takes into account two factors for the protection of steel from corrosion:

  • Environmental Corrosivity: The standard classifies environments into different categories which are evaluated basing on their ability to corrode unprotected steel: The categories are C1, C2, C3, C4 and C5. A new category has also been added, CX (Extreme) for offshore and industrial environments with high humidity.
  • Coating durability: The standard provides guidance on the expected life of a coating until its first significant major maintenance. Also in this factor a classification is applied: L (up to 7 years), M (up to 15 years), H (up to 25 years), VH (over 25 years).

The cycles approved according to the EN ISO 12944-1:2018 regulation are:

  • System1: F330SP120 µm + F420SP60 µm (total thickness 180µm DFT)
  • System2: F336ST240 µm + F420SP/ F9020CT 60 µm (total thickness 300µm DFT)
  • System3: F303FF 120 µm (total thickness 120µm DFT in single coat)
  • System4: F336ST 120µm + F303FF 40µm (total thickness 160µm DFT)
  • System5: F336ST 220µm + F303FF 60µm(total thickness 280µm DFT) (System to be used for maintenance on old paint)


Corrosivity category L (up to 7 years) M (up to 15 years) H (up to 25 years) VH (over 25 years)
C2 System1
C3 System3 System1 System5
C4 System1 System5 System2
C5 System1 System5 System2


Corrosivity category L (up to 7 years) M (up to 15 years) H (up to 25 years) VH (over 25 years)
C2 System3
C3 System3 . System4
C4 System3 System4
C5 System4