Polistuc Wood offers with IDROIN a complete range of products for interior coatings. Insulating agents, sealers, topcoats and self sealers suitable for coating furniture, furnishing accessories, flooring and stairs characterized by very low VOC emissions into the atmosphere, therefore eco-friendly and suitable for safeguarding the work environment and the end user. They are characterized by technical performances absolutely comparable to the most common solventborne products. They are suitable for open and closed grain systems, pigmented or clear, matt and high gloss systems. Discover more.

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Polistuc Products


Sintotech: Synthetic primers

F805 indicates a series of monocomponent zinc phosphate products. Polistuc Metal synthetic rust inhibitors are formulated with long oil alkyd resins, which makes them particularly suitable for roller and …


Technoprimer: Fast drying primers

Technoprimer indicates a series of monocomponent anti-rust primers with and without zinc phosphates. Polistuc Metal fast drying rust inhibitors are formulated with low oil alkyd resins, therefore particularly suitable …


Poliacryl: Primer for galvanized steel

F710 indicates a series of monocomponent products specifically designed and formulated for direct applications on galvanized steel. It is well known that normal monocomponent alkyd products are not suitable …


Techno 2K: Acrylic primers

F302 indicates a family of bicomponent products formulated with particular acrylic resins, which make them ideal to be applied by spray, roller and brush and used as primers on …

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