Polistuc Firescreen: Clear fire retardant system for flooring

Wooden floors provide elegance to the domestic environment, whatever the style of furniture selected inside one’s home. It is therefore a versatile solution, which has durability as one of its peculiar characteristics, thanks to the waterborne or solventborne coating system that can actively protect it. Wood is a living, insulating and sound-absorbing element, but at the same time it has its own flammability; it is therefore necessary to reduce the risk that a trigger of any kind give rise to a fire. For this reason, it is suggested to place covering or furnishing materials that have a self-extinguishing behaviour, i.e. for which, once the trigger has been removed, combustion ceases. In order to satisfy the growing market demand for products with these characteristics, the Polistuc laboratory has developed and fine-tuned a solventborne clear acrylic matt coating system, capable of giving to the coated surface proper fire protection, according to the European standard EN 13501. The proposed coating system involves the application of two coats of IT70TOPG, an acrylic self sealer with excellent grain marking, pleasant softness to the touch and excellent resistance to abrasion, which makes it suitable for high traffic according to the UNI EN15185 standard. The aforementioned system, applied according to the weights indicated in TDS, achieved the Bfls1 fire reaction class from an accredited external laboratory.

Polistuc Firescreen