Polistuc Metal: Waterborne converter F473SP

F473SP is a new Polistuc Metal converter designed for the formulation of bi-component waterborne glossy enamels, suitable for high-quality painting of various industrial artifacts such as agricultural machinery, accessories for machinery with different applications, forklifts, and light carpentry. The resulting F473 enamels are low in VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) content and have an excellent aesthetic appearance, outstanding resistance to atmospheric agents and UV light. In addition, they are suitable for painting metal furniture accessories, both for indoor and outdoor use, in domestic environments. It has to be applied on a waterborne or solventborne primer. The F473SP converter can be pigmented using the waterborne pastes PNW1 series included in the Colour Passion tinting system. Please contact Polistuc Metal Technical Support to learn more.

Converter lucido per metallo