Epo-vinil: Epoxy-vinyl primer

F341SP is an epoxy-polyamide product with a vinyl modification. It is most commonly used as a high build intermediate to be applied over zinc and epoxy primers. This type of product is distinguished by the characteristic of being able to be overcoated even after some time, offering maximum adhesion for subsequent layers without the need to be sanded. The presence of passivating pigments and the high solid content by volume, make them usable also as anticorrosion primers directly on a suitably prepared substrate.

  • Product code: F341SP – Epo-vinyl standard version
  • Application method: Spray, roller or brush
  • Final use destination: Light and heavy carpentry, anticorrosion

Finished product

  • Available colours: Light grey R 7035
  • Available packaging: 5 – 25 Kg