Epotech: Epoxy primers

Epotech, family of bicomponent epoxy paints, includes five series of general purpose primers, for applications on carbon steel, galvanized steel, concrete or other suitably prepared substrates. This series of products has excellent adhesioncharacteristics, and thanks to the barrier effect and the presence of passivating pigments, it guarantees excellent protection of the substrate. In the F336ST version are underlined, in particular, excellent adhesion on metal substrates that are not perfectly prepared or in the presence of high humidity, old paint or damaged and deteriorated coatings and maximum anticorrosion power and barrier effect. In the version F338HC the characteristics of excellent passivating protection and barrier effect typical of a traditional epoxy primer are highlighted, and high water repellency and impermeability, which make it suitable for use on carbon steel, galvanized steel, aluminum or concrete products that will be landfilled or placed in conditions of high humidity. Easy to use, the coatings obtained ensure filling and elasticity, and high thicknesses can be reached even in a single coat, thanks to the high solid content by volume. They can be applied by traditional spray, roller or brush systems.

  • Product code: F330SP – Epotech / High performances
  • Product code: F330HS – Epotech / High thickness
  • Product code: F330EX – Epotech / Standard
  • Product code: F336ST – Epotech / Surface Tolerant
  • Product code: F338HC – Epotech / High coverage
  • Application method: Spray, roller or brush
  • Final use destination: Heavy carpentry, earthmoving machinery, anticorrosion, agricultural machinery, light carpentry

Finished product

  • Available colours
    • F330: Light grey R 7035
    • F336ST: Aluminium 0040 / Light aluminium 0050 / Anthracite 0073
    • F338HC: Pitch black 0970
  • Available packaging: 5 – 25Kg