FIRESCREEN – Fire retardant sealers

FireScreen includes two fire retardant PU sealers. IT01PRIMER is a clear sealer for general use, while IGNIPRIMER30 is a white one. They are suitable for fireproofing substrates of various wood essences with the exception of ones veneered with thermoplastic glues or with a honeycomb cellular structure. The substrate must not be damp (max. 12%), it must be clean, free of dust or other substances that would limit penetration and consequently an optimal adhesion of the coating system. The product is characterized by good sanding, excellent coverage and spreading.

  • Product code: IT01PRIMER – Clear PU sealer for general use
  • Product code: IGNIPRIMER30 – White PU sealer for general use
  • Application method: Brush, spray and curtain coater
  • Final use destination: Furniture, furnishing accessories, flat parts in general

Finished product

  • Available colours: Clear and white
  • Available packaging: 5 and 25 kg
  • Peculiar features: The use of special fire retardant additives makes this topcoats suitable for use in painting cycles that follow the most important and recognized standards in the world. It is also necessary to follow the instructions in the related TDS, in order to benefit from the certificate of suitability for the substrates that will be placed in private and public environments.

Project Details