IDROPOL includes two monocomponent clear waterborne long lasting sealers for exterior. WFE10000 identifies the sealer to be applied by spray, while WFE10001 identifies the sealer applicable by immersion. They are characterized by a remarkable resistance to removal, are endowed with excellent transparency, good elasticity and verticality and excellent sandability. They are suitable for painting windows and doors in general. They must be applied on wood previously treated with a suitable impregnating agent of the WIE10800 or WIE10400 series.

  • Product code: WFE10000 – Clear WB sealer
  • Application method: Spray
  • Product code: WFE10001 – Clear WB sealer
  • Application method: Immersion
  • Final use destination: Windows, doors, shutters and entrance doors

Finished product

  • Available shades: Clear
  • Available packaging: 5 and 25 kg
  • Peculiar features: Specific for POLISHIELD coating systems highly performing and resistant to exterior, guaranteed up to 10 years, it forms a uniform paint film that is easy to sand. Its solid content allows to achieve an excellent grain definition, for remarkable aesthetic results. It contains special additives that improve the lasting of the windows and doors over time.