WOE2000 is a series of monocomponent waterborne clear thixotropic matt topcoats dedicated to brush application. They are topcoats with excellent blocking resistance, elasticity and transparency. They are easy to apply, do not drop and determine an optimal aesthetic result. They are particularly suitable for extraordinary maintenance of wooden elements and structures that are not very exposed or protected, if delamination, breakage or flaking of the pre-existing system has appeared. Being a monocomponent product, it can also be applied promptly in the damaged area, after sanding with removal of the old paint film.

  • Product code: WOE2000 – Clear matt WB topcoats
  • Application method: Brush
  • Final use destination: Windows, doors, shutters and entrance doors and maintenance

Finished product

  • Available colours: Honey (WOE2004) and colourless (WOE2005).
  • Available packaging: 5 and 25 kg
  • Available gloss levels: 30 gloss
  • Peculiar features: Topcoats suitable for brush coating of vertical surfaces, they are easy to apply and only needs to be diluted with water (5-10%). The colorless version WOE2005 can be used to formulate tinted (with iron oxides) or pigmented topcoats (with the waterborned pastes of the Colour Passion tintometric system)