IDROPOL – Traditional insulating agents

IDROPOL includes two clear waterborne insulating agents. WIS311 is a clear insulating agent bicomponent, while WIS305 is monocomponent, specially formulated for the painting of windows and doors constructed with essences rich in tannin and extractives, substances commonly present in oak, iroko and chestnut woods, which cause a non-uniform final appearance or localized areas in which the paint film does not dry.

  • Product code: WIS311 – Clear WB 2K insulating agent
  • Product code: WIS305 – Clear WB insulating agent
  • Application method: Spray
  • Final use destination: Windows and doors

Finished product

  • Available shades: Clear
  • Available packaging: 1, 5 e 25 l
  • Insulating power: Universal use, but particularly suitable for painting exotic essences or essences rich in tannin and extractives. Optimal insulating power, makes the coating system performing over time and aesthetically flawless.