IDROPOL – Traditional topcoats

IDROPOLincludes three series of monocomponentwaterborne thixotropicmatt topcoats. WOE160G and WOE1600G identify two series of cleartopcoats with excellent resistance to blocking and excellent levelling, therefore able to adequately define the grain. They have good transparency and elasticity, suitable for guaranteedcoating systems up to 5 years (WOE160G) and up to 3 years (WOE1600G). WOEP310G is a series of whitetopcoats specially designed for coating systems resistant to solar radiation and atmospheric agents, featuring excellent elasticity, chromatic coverage, smoothness to the touch and resistance to blocking. The series contains special highly protecting UV filters, capable of keeping the protection against degradation caused by ultraviolet radiation unaltered over time.

  • Product code: WOE160G – Clear matt WB topcoats
  • Product code: WOE1600G – Clear matt WB topcoats
  • Product code: WOEP310G – White matt WB topcoats
  • Application method: Spray
  • Final use destination: Windows, doors, shutters and entrance doors

Finished product

  • Avauilable colours: White and honey shaded; also available in the colorless version for the preparation of customizedcolor topcoats
  • Available packaging: 5 and 25 kg
  • Available gloss levels WOE160G: 30%
  • Available gloss levels WOE1600G: 30%
  • Available gloss levels WOEP310G: 30%
  • Peculiar features: Series of topcoats suitable for painting windows and doors in general. They have an excellent thixotropy which makes them easy to apply vertically by spraying without dropping. They have good technical characteristics and resistance to atmospheric agents. WOEP310Gcan be tinted with the waterborne pastes of the Colour Passion tinting system, to match pastel colors.

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