IDROPOL – Traditional waxy impregnating agents

IDROPOL includes four different types of waxy impregnating agents intended for the protection of the wooden substrates placed outdoor. WIC2100 series is suggested windows and doors made of unstable woods. The series is characterized by a solid content similar to the paints usually used for this intended use, it uniformly colors the substrate, resisting movements caused by humidity and heat present in particularly aggressive climates. WIC2200 are recommended for structures that are completely or partially exposed to solar radiation and atmospheric agents. WIC2250 is recommended for structures completely or partially exposed to solar radiation and atmospheric agents in particularly aggressive climates, preserving the structure of the wood from degradation and consequent greying. It penetrates effectively into the substrate and colors it uniformly. All three series must be applied in two coats, the first directly on previously sanded raw wood, the second on itself, waiting for it to be dry to the touch. They are available in 14 different colors, as well as being a product with a customizable color.

  • Product code: WIC2100 High solid content tinted impregnating agents
  • Final use destination: Windows and doors
  • Product code: WIC2200 – Tinted impregnating agents for general use
  • Product code: WIC2250 – Tinted impregnating agents for aggressive climatic conditions
  • Final use destination: Gazebos, garden furniture, pompeianas, canopies, facades, fences, tool sheds, flower boxes, etc.
  • Final use destination: Gazebos, garden furniture, benches, chairs and decking.
  • Application method: Spray and brush

Finished product

  • Available colours: 11 teak, 13 walnut, 15 oak, 16 light mahogany, 18 white, 20 larch, 21 mahogany, 23 green, 24 douglas, 25 brenner walnut, 51 warm walnut, 52 dark walnut, 54 ebony, 66 chestnut
  • Available packaging: 5 and 25 l
  • Peculiar features: Suitable for coating wooden substrates placed outdoor completely, partially or little exposed to the atmospheric agents. Their application is necessary to guarantee an effective resistance to exterior conditions of unstable wood structures. Overcoating with one coat of the same product is mandatory. The first coat must be colored, the second can also be colorless. First coat, the tinted WIE8000 or WIE4000 series can also be used.