Idropolitech: Waterborne 2K enamels

Idropolitech indicates a family of bicomponenthydro-dilutable polyacrylic enamels, with optimal aesthetic characteristics. To be applied on water or solvent based epoxy and acrylic primers. These enamels guarantee an excellent aesthetic appearance and give excellent resistance to atmospheric agents, thanks to the catalysis with aliphatic hardeners. Particularly suitable for a fine painting on many products or industrial vehicles.

It is possible to customize the required color thanks to the Color Passion tinting system, starting from the most widespread international references (RAL, NCS, Industrial vehicles folder).

  • Product code: F471SP – Idropolitech 2k EXTRA high gloss version
  • Product code: F471OP – Idropolitech 2k EXTRA matt version
  • Product code: F472SP – Idropolitech 2k high gloss version
  • Application method: Spray
  • Final use destination: Light and heavy carpentry, anti-corrosion, industrial bodywork, agricultural machinery and earthmoving.

Finished product

  • Available colours: NCS, RAL, Industrial Vehicles, Colorsystem
  • Available packaging: 5 – 25 Kg


  • Pigmentation ratio F471: 80 /20
  • Available packaging F471: 4 / 20 Kg
  • Pigmentation ratio F472: 90 /10
  • Available packaging F472: 4,5 / 22,5 Kg