F350 identifies a series of hydro-dilutable acrylic monocomponent DTM. Acrylic DTM are easy to apply and fast drying. They have a good anticorrosive power, thanks to the zinc phosphates, and guarantee protection from rust and oxidation of the metal. They are suitable for painting carbon steel and hot-dip galvanized steel and can be applied with traditional spray, roller or brush systems. They only need to be diluted with water. Thanks to their versatility and ease of use, they are also suitable for non-professional users.

  • Product code: F350 Idrotech
  • Application method: Spray, roller or brush
  • Final use destination: Agricultural machinery, small parts, railings, gates, gazebos, garden furniture

Finished product

  • Available colours: NCS, RAL, Industrial Vehicles, Colorsystem
  • Available packaging: 5 – 25 Kg


  • Pigmentation ratio: 90/10
  • Available packaging: 4,5 / 22,5 Kg