NatureCare – LOW VOC sealers

NatureCare includes two PU sealers with very low VOC emissions. FP120 is a clear sealer for general use, while FPB1115M1 is a white sealer also for general use. They are characterized by good sanding and drying speed. The additional technical characteristics are good coverage and thixotropy, which make them applicable both vertically and horizontally. The use of selected solvents allows to a significant reduction in VOC emissions into the atmosphere, which not only makes them more eco-friendly, but also guarantees better air quality both in the workplace and within the home environment.

  • Product code: FP120 – Clear PU sealer for general use
  • Product code: FPB1115M1 – White PU sealer for general use
  • Application method: Spray and curtain coater
  • Final use destination: Furniture, furnishing accessories, chairs, frames and flat parts in general, profiles

Finished product

  • Available colours: Clear and white
  • Available packaging: 5 and 25 kg
  • Peculiar features: The very low environmental impact that characterizes these topcoats allows to be used in coating systems that comply with regulations whose purpose is the reduction of VOCs in the atmosphere. It can be applied on both raw and tinted wood. The chemical-physical characteristics make it versatile and easy to apply.

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