OILS – Clera oils for exterior VS1 series

VS1 includes two oil products intended for the protection of substrates placed outdoor, and they are particularly recommended for structures completely or partially exposed to solar radiation and atmospheric agents, in particularly aggressive climates. It penetrates effectively into the support, preservingthe wood structure from decay and consequent greying. It should be applied tintedin two or three coats, the first directly on previously sanded raw wood, the second and the third on itself, if necessary, waiting for it is touch dry. In the first coat it is possible to apply a tinted waterborne impregnating agent, in order to better protect the substrate to be coated.

  • Product code: VS1750 – Clear natural effect oil
  • Product code: VS1850 – Clear satin effect oil
  • Application method: Spray and brush
  • Final use destination: Gazebos, garden furniture, canopies, pompeianas, fences, benches, chairs and decking.

Finished product

  • Available colours: Colourless
  • Available packaging: 5 l
  • Peculiar features: Particularly suitable for painting external structures that are completely or partially exposed to atmospheric agents, in particularly aggressive climates. Overcoating with at least one coat of the same product is mandatory. The first coat must be colored, the second can also be colorless. First coat, the tinted WIE8000 or WIE4000 series can also be used. Enriched with special additives able to protect the lignin from greying. They can be tinted with the CIMseries of colorants.

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