OILS – Clear oils for interior VS1 series

VS1 identifies three oil finish products intended for the protection of floors, furnishing accessories and shelves, and are particularly recommended for achieving a natural unpainted effect, guaranteeing good chemical and mechanical resistances. It penetrates effectively into the substrate, preservingthe wood structure from daily use and cleaning. It should be applied in two or three coats, the first directly on previously sanded raw wood, the second and the third on itself, if necessary, waiting that the previous coat is touch free. It is possible to apply a waterborne or solventborne stain as first coat if it is needed to change the color of the substrate.

  • Product code: VS1753 – Clear oil for flooring
  • Product code: VS1754 – Clear oil for flat parts
  • Product code: VS-OIL – Clear oil natural effect from renewable resources
  • Application method: Brush
  • Fields of use: VS1753 is suitable for wooden floors and stairs, VS1754 is suitable for shelves, tables and shelving, VS-OIL is suitable for flooring and furniture in general, profiles

Finished product

  • Available colours: Colourless
  • Available packaging: 5 and 20 l
  • Peculiar features: VS1754 is characterized by a good solid content, which let it be particularly suitable when the treated flat parts require more protection from scratches and abrasions. Not suitable for flooring. VS1753 and VS-OIL, instead, have lower solid content and they are suitasbel for natural effects, especially on floors. They have good chemical and mechanical resistances. They can be tinted with the CIMseries of colorants.

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