PLANT – Clear self sealers from renewable resources

PLANTincludes two series of waterborne self sealers for interior. WOT300Gis a series of bicomponent waterborne clear self sealers, specifically designed for flooring, but which can also be used on furniture, furnishing accessories, doors and flat parts. It exhibits very good scratch and abrasion resistances, chemical resistance and optimal wetting properties. WOT030Gis a series of monocomponent waterborne clear self sealers for general use. They have good transparency, good resistance to chemical agents and remarkable smoothness to the touch. The addition of a WCA3IO isocyanic hardener, also formulated with raw materials obtained from renewable resources, allows to significantly increase the resistance to chemical agents, the surface hardness and the abrasion resistance, to achieve the same characteristics as the standard bicomponent systems.

  • Codice Prodotto: WOT300G serie – Fondi finitura WB 2K opachi trasparenti per parquet
  • Codice Prodotto: WOT030G serie – Fondi finitura WB opachi trasparenti per uso generale
  • Application method: Spray
  • Final use destination: Furniture, furnishing accessories, doors, flat parts in general and profiles
  • Bulk percentage of renewable resources: 77% (WOT300G series) and 76% (WOT030G series)

Finished product

  • Available shades: Clear
  • Available packaging: 5 and 25 kg
  • Available gloss levels: 30 gloss
  • Peculiar features: Specific for highly performing and resistant sustainablecoating systems for interior, they form a uniform paint film that is smooth to the touch. Optimal resistances to UV radiation, scratch and abrasion. Being formulated with renewable raw materials, the environmental impact in terms of CO2 emitted during the life cycle is significantly lower than traditional self sealers.