PLANT – Impregnating agents from renewable resources

PLANT includes two series of impregnating agents formulated with raw materials from renewable resources, for the protection of substrates intended for outdoor use, and are specific for conifer orlbroadleaf woods. They penetrate effectively into the substrate and slide easily on its surface, coloring it evenly. It is the first step of a Polistuc Plant coating system, it allows to adequately prepare the surface for the application of the sealer and facilitates the adhesion of the entire coating system. They are available in 14 different colors, as well as being a product with a customizable color. They contain special additives that effectively contrast the greying of wood.

  • Product code: WIE4800 – Tinted impregnating agent for broadleaves
  • Product code: WIE8800 – Tinted impregnanting agents conifers
  • Application method: Immersion and flow coating
  • Final use destination: Exterior structures
  • Bulk renewable resources percentage: 87%

Finished product

  • Available colours: 11 teak, 13 walnut, 15 oak, 16 light mahogany, 18 white, 20 larch, 21 mahogany, 23 green, 24 douglas, 25 brenner walnut, 51 warm walnut, 52 dark walnut, 54 ebony, 66 chestnut
  • Available packaging: 25 l
  • Light fastness: Exceptional and suitable to tint exterior structures. Its application is necessary to ensure effective resistance to outdoor, contrasting the natural deterioration of the lignin and the consequent greying of the wood. Overcoating with pigmented or clear sealersand topcoatsis mandatory. Being formulated with renewable raw materials, the environmental impact is definitely lower than traditional impregnating agents.

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