Poliacryl: Primer for galvanized steel

F710 indicates a series of monocomponentproducts specifically designed and formulated for direct applications on galvanized steel. It is well known that normal monocomponent alkyd products are not suitable for direct application on this difficult substrate by spray, roller and brush, and, concerning it, Polistuc Metal offers Poliacryl 1K, a product formulated with quality resins, fast drying and excellent resistancesto atmospheric agents. It is recommended that the substrate be improved by mechanical roughening before applying Poliacryl 1K.

  • Product code: F710PC – Poliacryl 1K
  • Final use destination: Railings, garden furniture, gazebos

Finished product

  • Available colours: NCS, RAL, Colorsystem
  • Available packaging: 5 – 25 kg


  • Pigmentation ratio: 80/20
  • Available packaging: 4 / 20 Kg