PoliSupreme – Oil systems for exposed wooden structures

The lasting of a coating system over time depends on many factors, including an proper choice of the type of wood to be painted and the optimal coating system to achieve the desired performances. The degree of exposure to atmospheric agents and solar radiation requires a careful choice of coating products. PoliSupremeis a set of mixedcoating systems for outdoorspecific for wooden structures, floors or garden furniture that are completely or partiallyexposed to atmospheric agents. All the systems have a common composition, they include the application of a suitable tinted impregnating agent for conifersor broadleaves and of a colorless or tinted finishing oil, which is different depending on the desired level of opacity. The products are formulated with special additives that increase the stability to sunlight, the mechanical characteristics and the degree of protection of the coated wood. They are universal systems and can be applied on floors, benches and chairs, facades, tool sheds, fences, flower boxes, tables, gazebos and pompeianas. The systems can be matt with a natural effect, and so VS1750is used, or satin, and so VS1850is used.

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