Politech: Polyurethanic 2K enamels

Politech identifies a series of crosslinked polyurethane enamels with isocyanate hardeners. They are enamels suitable for valuable coating in many sectors. Equipped with excellent resistance to atmospheric agents, this series of enamels stands out for their versatility of use and the excellent final aesthetic appearance. Crosslinking with different hardeners modifies the final characteristics of the coating, in order to achieve high-performance enamels, with good surface hardness, light fastness, fast drying and high impermeability. To be applied with traditional application systems (spray, roller and brush) on primers, epoxy intermediates or acrylic primers, they are available in different gloss levels. F424SP0300 enamel on the other hand, is polyester modifiedand solvent-free.This product creates a particularly hard coating with high chemical-physical resistance and dielectric insulation capacity. Applied to very thick carbon steel, it is suitable for external painting of tanks intended for landfill. Applicable only with BIMIX double float system – Minimum recommended thickness 800µ DFT.

  • Product code: F420SP – High gloss Politech 2K (95-98 gloss)
  • Product code: F420SE – Semi gloss Politech 2K (40-60 gloss)
  • Product code: F420OP – Matt Politech 2K (10-20 gloss)
  • Product code: F424SP0300 – High gloss Politech 2K (90-95 gloss)
  • Final use destination: Light and heavy carpentry, anticorrosion, industrial bodywork, agricultural machinery and earthmoving

Finished product

  • Available colours F420: NCS, RAL, Industrial vehicles, Colorsystem
  • Available colours F424SP: 0300 red oxide
  • Available packaging: 5 – 25 Kg


  • Pigmentation ratio: F420SP – 75/25
  • Pigmentation ratio: F420SE and F420OP – 80/20
  • Available packaging: F420SP: 3,75 – 18,75 Kg
  • Available packaging: F420SE and F420OP: 4 – 20 Kg