TINTOSYSTEM – Transparent stains CCU2 series

CCU2 identifies a series of transparent stains with good light fastness over time. It is therefore indicated whenever it is needed to tint the wood while keeping the distinctive features of each essence clearly visible. It can be diluted with solvents characterized by different drying speeds, such as DL005 (very fast), DL001 (fast), DL034 (slow), DL008 (very slow), their mixtures or water. If it is necessary to define the grain, it is possible to add the concentrated stain with solventborne or waterborne binders.

  • Product code: CCU2 series – Universal transparent stains
  • Application method: Spray, cloth and brush
  • Final use destination: Kitchens, furniture and furnishing accessories, flooring and staircases, tables and flat parts in general, coffins and profiles

Finished product

  • Available colours: Walnut, lemon yellow, gold yellow, red orange, dark red, violet red, electric blue, dark walnut, mahigany, rosewood, black, yellow, red, orange, light walnut and blue
  • Available packaging: 1 e 10 l
  • Light fastness: Good and suitable for coating wooden substrates for interior. Resistance decreases in light and shaded tones or when applied over a sealer already dried.

Project Details