Some information on the world of doors – CE marking

The European standard EN 14351-1deals with material-independent performances characteristics and applies to:

  • Windows and patio doors
  • External pedestrian doors and external pedestrian doors on the escape routes
  • Roof windows / skylights (including those resistant to fire coming from outside)
  • Windows assembled in two or more units

Starting from 01.02.2010, the CE marking obligationfor products, regulated by the EN 14351-1 standard, came into force.

This means that in allEuropeancountries only windows, patio windows and external pedestrian doors can be marketed and used accompanied by a declaration certifying compliance with current legislation. The declaration of conformity is issued taking into account a series of essential requirements:

  • Resistance to wind loads and water tightness
  • Impact resistance and load-bearing capacity of safety devices
  • Acoustic and thermal insulation
  • Radiative properties of glass windows and air permeability
  • Absence of harmful substances

The EN 14351-1standard requires that these values must be declared individuallyfor each element. The formin which the declaration must be made is regulated: it can be reported on every single element or be combined in a single detaileddocument.

The CE declaration of conformity must be issued for each product, regardless of the performance level detected, and in no case constitutes a quality mark.

CE Marking