Studying and defining the best production system based on the customer’s needs, verifying the pre-treatment of a substrate, the correct application of the products or simply advising, are just some of the tasks of a Service Technician. Assistance is a key figure for the customer and therefore the added value of a supplier, as it makes its know-how and experience to support the customer and help him solve the potential problems that may occur during daily work. Polistuc Metal, your ideal partner!

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Polistuc Products


Sintotech: Synthetic primers

F805 indicates a series of monocomponent zinc phosphate products. Polistuc Metal synthetic rust inhibitors are formulated with long oil alkyd resins, which makes them particularly suitable for roller and …


Technoprimer: Fast drying primers

Technoprimer indicates a series of monocomponent anti-rust primers with and without zinc phosphates. Polistuc Metal fast drying rust inhibitors are formulated with low oil alkyd resins, therefore particularly suitable …


Poliacryl: Primer for galvanized steel

F710 indicates a series of monocomponent products specifically designed and formulated for direct applications on galvanized steel. It is well known that normal monocomponent alkyd products are not suitable …


Techno 2K: Acrylic primers

F302 indicates a family of bicomponent products formulated with particular acrylic resins, which make them ideal to be applied by spray, roller and brush and used as primers on …

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