Tintosystem chart – A new way of communication

Tintosystem chart is the new Polistuc wood stain collection. It is made up of two distinct collections, the first, Elements, includes thirty shades of modern and trendy style, to offer to the market new design stains for wood tinting. The thirty shades are divided into two volumes, each of fifteen ones. The second, Environment, includes thirty classic and evergreen colors for wood tinting revisited in a modern key, in the POLISTUC way! The thirty shades are also divided into two volumes, each of fifteen ones. All the new 60 shades are applied on brushed ash and finished with a natural acrylic effect. The gem: each of the four volumes holds the colored tiles together thanks to a small magnet, which allows them to be extracted to view them comfortably. Flexible instrument, like market demands.

Tintosystem chart