In the global context, the need to reduce atmospheric emissions while maintaining performance and productivity on an industrial scale is imperative. A proper solution is offered by High Solid Content technology (High Build), the best choice in those sectors where compliance with environmental regulations is complex and in some cases impossible. These products have a high anticorrosive capacity able of guaranteeing the barrier effect. They are easily applicable to facilitate production with fast drying times, film uniformity, good yield / consumption ratio, low greenhouse gas emissions. Polistuc Metal proposes two new products for this purpose, an epoxy primer F336HB0001 and an acrylic converter F303HB.

The main feature of F336HB0001 is the high solid content by volume, higher than 75%. The product has been developed to satisfy the concrete need to achieve high thicknesses with few coats, up to 220/240 dry µm (275-300 wet µm) in a single application. The solid residue percentage of the F303HB converter is 65%, together with a VOC content <280/300 g/l (depending on the colour). It is suitable for use in industrial applications, such as DTM or as a second coat to be applied on epoxy primers such as F336HB0001.

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