Confirming the high technological and quality standard of its products and painting systems, Polistuc Metal is proud to announce the achievement of important new approvals for some coating ones. After many months, tests and an articulated and complex path, the brand of Sirca S.p.A. which deals with the research, development and marketing of paints and coating systems for the protection of steel, has successfully achieved the approval of some ones by Reti Ferroviarie Italiane – Italfer. This important and prestigious result was achieved after having subjected its coating systems to severe laboratory tests and field checks. The products involved are a surface tolerant epoxy primer from the F336ST series, coupled with the acrylic DTM of the F303 series. On different substrates such as carbon steel or hot-dip galvanized steel, the two products were applied at different DFT thicknesses to achieve different durability, depending on the corrosive environment.

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