Polistuc Plant: Protection systems from renewable resources

From the recovery of waste from the agro-food industry, Polistuc Plant is born,, the complete line of sustainable coatings that Polistuc offers for wood painting. The high quality level and production efficiency, always respecting the environment that surrounds us, have led the Polistuc Research and Development Department to study a wide range of waterborne coatings that guarantees to furniture, windows and doors, excellent aesthetic qualities and excellent mechanical performances. Polistuc Plant coatings, combined in well-defined coating systems, allow to protect the wooden doors and windows from the constant action of atmospheric agents for up to fifteen years. The coating systems are divided into:

  • Three of four coats clear systems, in which a specific colored impregnator for softwood, WIE88, or for hardwood, WIE48, a clear sealer by immersion, WFE10000, and by spray, WFE12000, and a matt finish, WOE12500 series, are applied
  • Three or four coats pigmented sytems, in which a specific colorless impregnator for softwood, WIE8800, or for broadleaves, WIE4800, a clear spray sealer, WFE1300, and a matt finish, WOEP1310 series, are applied

The pigmented topcoats can be customized according to the chromatic needs of the final customer, by adding the PNW1 pastes included in the Colour Passion tintometric system. For additional information click here.

Polistuc Plant