IDROIN – Clear self sealers for flooring

IDROINincludes two series of specific self sealers for application on flooring and stairs. WOT200Gidentifies a series of clearself sealers, characterized by excellent surface hardness and abrasion resistance. WOS1PGidentifies a series of fast drying self sealers with good general mechanical properties. Both series are extremely versatile, so they can also be used for coating pre-laid floors or for the maintenance of pre-existing waterborne systems. They create a clear film, even after applying several coats without intermediate sanding.

  • Product code: WOT200G – Clear high quality WB self sealers
  • Product code: WOS1PG – Clear traditional WB self sealers
  • Application method: Spray, roller and brush
  • Final use destination: Flooring and staircases, profiles

Finished product

  • Available shades: Clear
  • Available gloss levels WOT200G: 10, 40 and 90 gloss
  • Available gloss levels WOS1PG: 10 and 40 gloss
  • Available packaging: 5 and 25 kg
  • Peculiar features: They can be added with a proper hardener, in order to significantly increase resistances to abrasion, foot traffic and any contact with food and drink spots. Excellent for treating surfaces coated with the most common solventborne products.