UVcure – UV drying topcoats

Polistuc, founded in 1972, immediately distinguished itself with cutting-edge technology in the production of UV drying wood coatings, especially in the luxury furniture sector. Pioneers and innovators, Polistuc researchers developed a range of products of absolute respect and recognized at a high level by the market, which allow the achievement of high quality levels with the utmost respect for the environment. They are waterborne, solventborne or 100% solid content interior coatings, of various kinds. From acrylics to polyester, they allow very high productivity thanks to their reactivity and a solvent mixture designed to adapt to any production process. They can be added with photoinitiators, additives that absorb the energy of ultraviolet rays and trigger a chain reaction within the paint, allowing the total cross-linking of functional groups and monomers. The UVcure topcoats are characterized by optimal reactivity, excellent gloss retention, excellent chemical and mechanical resistances, such as scratch hardness, abrasion resistance, resistance to cold and hot liquids and good light fastness. Suitable for closed and open grain systems, they allow to achieve high aesthetic standards.

  • Application method: Spray, curtain coater, roller and fixed spray guns
  • Final use destination: Kitchens, furniture, furnishing accessories, flooring, profiles, flat or turned parts, based to the available technology

Finished product

  • Available colours: Clear and white, the final colour is customisable
  • Available packaging: 25 kg
  • Peculiar features: They are extremely efficient and reactive products, they allow productivity and mechanical characteristics that are definitely higher than traditional waterborne and solventborne technologies. Thanks to the instant crosslinking due to exposure to high pressure UV lamps, it is possible to pack the material at the end of the line.

Project Details