Polistuc vernici per legno
Wood coatings applications

Polistuc products live in the everyday world: in homes, outdoor structures, windows, doors and industry.

Thanks to the innovations of the research and development laboratories, all our products and solutions are formulated with materials that protect the environment and are developed to reduce energy consumption.


Where and how to apply Polistuc Wood products

Furniture, furnishing accessories and objects that complete and give personality to the home environment, office or other living spaces. All the news related to classic, modern and design styles.

Skirting boards and wooden profiles that enrich the home or work environments. Coatings suitable for common automated and manual production processes.

The kitchen, the environment most subjected to daily wear and the action of substances related to food, drinks and detergents for cleaning of surfaces. Resistant coatings that make the kitchen a unique environment.

The chair and the table, furnishing accessories to be adequately enhanced. Coatings resistant to abrasion, scratches and detergents commonly used in the home environment. They give elegance to the coated wood.

The flooring, a design element that provides warmth and prestige to the house. Coatings suitable for enhancing the wood essence, able to protect it from overwalking, daily cleaning and contact with liquids and solids that can accidentally come into contact.

The coffin requires state-of-the-art coatings with low VOC emissions into the atmosphere. They are products that give elegance without masking the natural design of the wood.

The external environment is an integral part of a house. Coatings that enhance the natural beauty of wood, preserving its integrity over time, protecting it from the continuous action of atmospheric agents.

The window helps to keep the internal environment warm and comfortable. It is a structural element that must be properly protected outdoor. Efficient coatings able to protect the wood from solar radiation and atmospheric agents.